50w Led High Bay Light Industrial Lighting suppliers


50w Led High Bay Light Industrial Lighting suppliers

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I.Company Overview
Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that develops and manufactures LED lighting products, energy conservation and environmental protection products in Jinpuxin district of Dalian. Our company has cooperated with Dalian University and Dalian University of Technology, therefore we have strong technical force and product quality. At present, we have completed the work of LED lighting project, energy audit and energy conservation transformation for many enterprises and institutions, and we have won unanimous praise from customers.
The company began to manufacture LED lighting products in 2010, with annual output value of 10 million yuan. Our LED product has stable performance, high cost performance, strong supply capacity, and our R&D team can develop professional lighting according to customer’s demand. The company developed the production of freezers LED lighting, and received recognition and praise from our customers. And we won the honorary title “Ten Outstanding suppliers for Panasonic cold chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd” in 2014. (See Annex 1)
Our company has patented three inventions of LED lighting (See Annex 4), and passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and improved the production, testing, management system, so that we improved the quality of the products more efficiently. (See Annex 2)
★ Main Products and Business Introduction
1. Production of LED lights, solar energy/wind lamps, etc. (For specific products, please visit www.xinghai-dl.com; www.dlxhkj.en.alibaba.com)
2. The overall development of energy-saving retrofit programs and engineering construction(Energy-saving lighting systems, Central air conditioning, Energy-saving refrigerator, Large energy-saving boiler, Electric Motors saving energy, Injection molding machine energy saving, Saving enterprise supply and distribution system, Power Quality Improvement, Circulating water and flue gas heat recovery, Water Saving, etc.)
3. Energy audit, energy assessment reports, project feasibility study report, the preparation of water balance report
★ Company History
1. Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 and since then engaged in the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects.
2. Our company become a partner with Shenyang International Engineering Consulting Center and set up Dalian Office in 2010, since then engaged in energy assessment, feasibility study report and other advisory work.
3. The company established LED lighting production line in 2010.
4. The company achieved the energy audit qualification which was issued by Liaoning Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission in 2013. (See Annex 3)
5. The company achieved the honorary title “Ten Outstanding suppliers for Panasonic Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd” in 2014.
6. The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2015.
7. In 2015, we achieved two LED lighting patents. (See Annex 4)
8. In 2016, we achieved a LED lighting patent. (See Annex 4)
9. In 2017, our company has cooperated with Alibaba platform, and conducted international trade.
II.R&D Team
Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd has a strong R&D technology team, and ensures the new products fast and high quality to launch the market. The company has 8 R&D staffs including 2 senior engineers, 4 mid-level electrical engineers, and 2 junior engineers. And it also has a professional quality inspection team, which receives ISO9001 regulations training to enhance the quality of professional staff, and controls strictly of all aspects of production to ensure the final product of high quality on the market.
The company has a sound R&D facilities and test equipment to ensure the quality of products in the domestic first-class level.
III.The Professional LED Production Equipment
Dalian Xinghai Technology Co., Ltd. has our own professional LED production equipments. The company’s R&D equipments include: integrating sphere, high voltage tester, intermittently lit aging, a salt spray test box, hot and cold shock boxes and so on; the production equipments include: automatic brush cream machines, automatic placement machine, reflow furnace and the like.
● Lamp production process
● Testing equipment of lamps
1. Our company has the advanced lighting testing equipment: integrating sphere, for detecting the parameter of lamp whether to meet the customers’ needs which include luminous flu, color temperature, color rendering index etc.
2.High voltage tester、Hot and cold shock boxes、Microscope、Distance measuring instrument、Temperature probe
①To detect the lamps ability of resistance to high pressure②Through frequent startup and shutdown to detect electric parts of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of life and quality③Materials used in the detection of surface quality④In addition the company is equipped with all kinds of distance measuring instrument used to measure the size of raw material, these instruments are passed ISO9001 quality detection.⑤Used to measure the surface temperature of lamps and lanterns.
● Production Quality
Product quality follows the customers’ requirements strictly, and production process of lamps and safety. We adhere to the principles from raw material selection to the choice of the processing technology in order to reduce customer’s input and the cost of processing time, besides that it can provide quality services for our customers from the time and cost, and quality.
● Workshop
SMT nitrogen reflow solderingSMT printer
SMT high placement equipmentR&D lab
R&D laboratory equipmentAging equipment
● Corner of Workshop
● Aging and Display
Aging testLift test
LED lights display boardLED light display
IV. LED Products Type
Our main products include LED fluorescent lamps, absorb dome lights, industrial and mining enterprises in the LED lamps, LED street lights, LED lamps, intelligent remote control lights, LED freezer lights, LED furniture light, etc. For more products introduction, please see our website: www.xinghai-dl.com;www.dlxhkj.en.alibaba.com
V. Achievement
Contract SampleThe Installation of Lamp Pictures
Thyssen Krupp Stahl and ANGANG New Steel: To overcome the plant height, we developed LED mining lamps for the enterprise.
Vending machine co., LTD. Fuji: Based on the characteristics of the vending machine, we used a patented lens waterproof lamp, and we got good reviews from customers.
Dalian Haier Industrial Park: Street lamps and plant mining lamp.
Panasonic Cold Chain (Dalian) Co., Ltd: Design a suit of freezer lighting lamps.
JiuSan Group Dalian Soybean Technology co., LTD: To overcome the flame-proof luminary difficulties which were heat dissipation and short life, we developed the explosion-proof lamps of optical engine for the enterprise, and achieved long life requirement.
Vale Nickel (Dalian) Co. Ltd.: Conducted the overall lighting renovation and replacement by EMC contract energy management models.
Our service manufacturers are too many, so we don’t list one by one here.
VI.After-sales Service
The lamps we offered are our own products, so we offer the after-sales service (spare parts supply and technical support). Company's after-sales service has the existing technical staff of professional training to provide working days response service.
There are double guarantee of manpower and material resources, so we will provide the following services for free:
(Ⅰ)According to the manufacturer's warranty regulations, we provide the repair service in the warranty period for free
(Ⅱ)Provide replacement and maintenance of LED lamps with failure during warranty period
(Ⅲ)Provide free pre-sale and after-sale technical advice
(Ⅳ)Provide free regular follow-up maintenance
Annex 1
Annex 2
Annex 3
Annex 450w Led High Bay Light Industrial Lighting suppliers



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