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cheap Refinery Process Agent

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YTE-01 Removing Thiol Activating Agent,Gasoline Eodorizing Activator Agent, Carbon Cleaning and Removal Agent
YTE-01 Removing Thiol Activating Agent
Ⅰ. Introduction:
This product is a new type mercaptan activator, contains active ingredients and organic alkali, and is suitable for FCC gasoline, jet fuel, liquid hydrocarbon non-alkali fixed bed Merox desulphurization process. Use of this product can improve the conversion rate of macromolecular mercaptan and heterogeneous mercaptan, with a clean bed to reduce the effect of bed pressure drop; Contains the active ingredient can supplement to take off the mercaptan catalyst used in the process of the loss of active ingredients.
Ⅱ. Physical index:
AppearanceLight blue liquid
Active components, %10.0
Density ( 20℃) g/cm3800~900
Ⅲ. Main Function:
1. To bed adsorption of colloid, aromatic substances washing down, with a clean bed to reduce pressure drop.
2. Improve the catalyst activity, prolong service life.
3. Has the ability of alkali catalysis, macromolecule and heterogeneous mercaptan has higher removal rate.
4. Can add fixed bed catalyst in the process of using the loss of active ingredients.
5. Waste alkali liquor emissions cuts, environmentally friendly products.
Ⅳ. Usage:
1. According to different mercaptan content in gasoline, the structure of the component, content in general is 20~80PPM.
2. With a small metering pump metering in raw material gas, oil and raw materials, after the air in the mixer mixing into the catalyst bed.
Ⅴ. Package and storage:
1. 200 l barrels packaging.
2. Stored in ventilated, cool and dry place, away from heat, fire, avoid direct sunlight.
3. The product warranty for 18 months, within the time limit after inspection qualified can still be used normally.
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