Special Issue

May 28 2013

Net Fire News on Fire GCOE

Analysis of the Net Fire News on Fire GCOE -Fires that ten or more people died-

Miu Kumano, Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

1. Number of fires

From May 11, 2009 during February 3, 2013, there are 2,369 fire news in the Net News on Fire GCOE. Among them, there are 58 fires that ten or more people died. Figure 1 shows a number of the 58 fires by nation.

Fires by nation

Figure 1: Number of Fires by nation


In the fires, there are 39 building fire.(Figure 2)


Figure 2: Number of building fires by nation


Following is the Google map located the 39 building fires.

Photo 1: Google map


2. Property types

Figure 3 the proportion of fires by the type of property involved. Building fires comprise 67 percent of all fires.


Figure 3: Property types


3. Cause of fires

There are 28 cases in all that a fire cause is clear from an article. Figure 4 shows cause of the fires. The leading causes of fires is electric cause (Mostly, short-circuit or electrical malfunction).


Figure 4: Cause of fires


4. Types of building

Figure 5 shows the number of fires by building use.

Factory accounted for the largest percentage of the all. The second largest is commercial building.


Figure 5: Building use

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