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List of the titles of Master’s Theses in FY 2011, Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology

Name Student ID No. Title of Master's thesis Download
Hiroshi Aoyama K110601 Analysis of deadly residential fire scenarios in Japan Abstract (17KB)
Digest (497KB)
Mastersthesis (2,299KB)
Kaoru Akatsu K110602 A Study on Fire Risk Assessment and an Approach to Fire Hazard Reduction for a Semi-Conductor Factory “R & D of early stage fire detection and suppression system” Abstract (85KB)
Digest (570KB)
Mastersthesis (2,948KB)
Yuki Ishiyama K110603 Research on regional characteristics of actual human damages caused by accidents and disasters Abstract (291KB)
Digest (683KB)
Mastersthesis (9,016KB)
Hironobu Inagaki K110604 Research of protection against fires in nuclear power plants in Japan Abstract (233KB)
Digest (3,011KB)
Kiyoto Usui K110605 Absorption and Transmittance of Radiant Heat Flux from Flame through Water Droplets Abstract (44KB)
Digest (656KB)
Daiki Ogawa K110607 Collapse Temperature analysis of Multilayered Steel Frames Considering Variability of Steel Strength at Elevated Temperatures Abstract (99KB)
Digest (866KB)
Katsuya Suenobu K110609 Estimation of carbon monoxide levels in a room during smoldering, flaming growth and ventilation-limited stages of residential fires Abstract (28KB)
Digest (564KB)
Mastersthesis (3,346KB)
Tomoko Suzuki K110610 Study on Evacuation Safety of Subway Station Platform in Fire Abstract (32KB)
Digest (672KB)
Hiroki Tanaka K110611 The Research on Recent Fires in East Asia using internet news Abstract (126KB)
Digest (432KB)
Masato Tsuchiya K110612 A Study on Smoke Behavior affected on Droplets of Sprinkler - Velocities of the droplets and smoke layer by PIV system - Abstract (17KB)
Digest (586KB)
Mastersthesis (16,686KB)
Ayako Tobari K110613 Present Situation of Group Homes for the Elderly with Dementia in Tokyo and Advisable Fire Protection Measures Abstract (59KB)
Digest (4,842KB)
Yasuaki Nakahara K110614 Comparison of Fire Protection Laws Among Japan and East Asian Countries Abstract (269KB)
Digest (199KB)
Kouhei Fujii K110615 Fire Resistance of Drywall Assemblies with Different Loading Condition - Experiment on temperature prediction within wall and consideration by using numerical simulation - Abstract (14KB)
Digest (2,081KB)
Akiyo Fujikawa K110616 Evacuation safety of the hospital A in case of fire Abstract (1,673KB)
Digest (2,711KB)
Taichi Yamamura K110617 Study on Fire Risk Analysis and Fire Prevention in Residential Nursing Care Homes for the Elderly Abstract (160KB)
Digest (677KB)
Mastersthesis (8,112KB)
Muhammad Mamun K110618 Evacuation Safety Analysis of Typical High-Rise Buildings in Bangladesh - An analysis based on lessons learnt from Japan fire incidents and concerned rules and regulations applying on building plans of Bangladesh - Abstract (12KB)
Digest (1,682KB)
Mastersthesis (119,212KB)

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