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The rate of incidence of a death by fire

I heard that so many people died by fire. Please let me know the number of casualties in fire per year and the reason why so many people died by fire etc.

Asked by DD Mar.15.2012

 Japanese Government, Fire and Disaster Management Agency, has published the following fire statistics 2010 in the “White Paper 2011”.
Number of fire: 46,620
Number of building fire: 27,137
 Fire dead: 1,738 (1,280 except suicide by arson)
Number of fire per 10 thousand heads: 3.7
Number of fire dead except suicide by arson per 100 thousand heads: 1.0
Number of fire dead except suicide by arson per 100 building fires: 2.7
 Main reason of too much fire dead is suicides by arson are too much, for example 458 in 2010. But even if suicide would be excluded, it could not be denied that the fire dead per head is very much in Japan.
 The reason is why so many aged people living in old wooden houses die in fire. Aged people have increased rapidly in recent years and the fire dead of aged people have also risen in Japan. So it has been obliged by Fire Service Law since 2006 to establish fire/smoke detectors in every individual house.
 Therefore number of fire dead except suicide has decreased 17.2 % for 5 years running, from 1,546 in 2005 to 1,280 in 2010.

Answer by KYO1@TUS Mar.19.2012

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