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About the regulation.

What kind of regulation for smoke control is enforced to the car parking space in the building in Japan?

Asked by Nick Mar.15.2012

Enforcement Order of the Parking Places Act
Chapter 1 Criteria of structures and equipment
(Scope of application)
Article 6 The regulations in this chapter shall be applied to off-street parking place in which area of a part provided for car parking lots is 500 m2 or more.
(Technical criteria on driveway)
Article 8, paragraph 3 Driveway in a building (meaning ,hereinafter, building referred to Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Building Standard Law) used as off-street parking place shall be constructed as specified in each of the following items.
Item a) Height to lower edge of a beam above floor surface shall be 2.3 m or more.
Item b) ...

Reference; the Building Standard Law
Article 2. In this Law, the meaning of the terms in the following items shall be as defined in each item concerned:
(1) Buildings: Structures fixed on the ground having roofs as well as columns or walls (including structures of similar construction); gates or fences attached thereto; structures used as grand-stands; or structures used as offices, stores, play houses, warehouses or other facilities similar thereto established in underground or elevated
structures (excluding those facilities which are provided within the site of a railway or tramway for the operation and maintenance thereof, as well as overbridges, platform sheds, storage tanks and other facilities similar thereto). Building equipment shall be considered as part of a building.

(Height of a part provided for car parking lots)
Article 9 Height to lower edge of a beam above floor surface shall be 2.1 m or more at a part provided for car parking lots in a building used as off-street parking place.
(Ventilation system)
Article 12 In a building used as off-street car parking place, ventilation system which has a capacity to directly exchange inside air 10 times or more per hour for outside air shall be installed; provided, however, that this shall not apply to case that area of window and/or other openings which is effective for ventilation is 1/10 or more of floor area.

Answer by MAKOTO@TUS Mar.15.2012

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