Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology

Master’s Course in Fire Science and Technology, Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology, TUS established in April 2010 is a first postgraduate course in Asia specialized in fire science and fire protection engineering. This course provides high quality science based education and training to open new career paths for those who are already working in industries of fire safety, such as building design, construction, materials, fire protection equipment manufacturers, property insurance and fire safety administration, as well as students seeking to acquire expertise in those fields. This graduate school is an outcome of Global Center of Excellence program funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), entitled as “Center for Education and Research on Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology in East Asia” aiming at establishing a central body that can facilitate high quality fire science education and research to help mitigate the fire risk increasing in East Asian countries with the rapid economic development. This program is being implemented by Center for Fire Science and Technology, Research Institute for Science and Technology, TUS. The Center has a large-scale Fire Research and Test Laboratory equipped with a wide range of testing facilities which can be used by students to learn basic theories in realistic settings. And Doctor’s Course established in April 2012 as Master’s Course advanced.


Summing at mitigating the fire risk in mega cities of Asia where rapid urbanization is taking place, we are to nurture highly qualified safety professionals who can assess the fire risk of all types and has capabilities to choose effective and appropriate protection measures.

Educational Objectives

In order to fulfill the mission of Graduate School of Global Fire Science and Technology, we developed the following three objectives considering the difference in students’ backgrounds and needs, where emphasis is placed on nurturing highly trained experts in building fire safety, city disaster prevention and fire safety administration.
-Enhancement of scientific knowledge for fire protection engineers The course will develop highly-trained protection engineers with sufficient knowledge in fire risk assessment and protection designing, as well as international codes and standards. -Career enhancement for working-students The course will provide career enhancement programs for individual trainees, such as fire officers, fire administration officials, fire protection engineers, and insurance assessors. -Overseas students from Asian countries The course is open to enrolment by students from overseas where fire prevention technologies and administrative procedures are currently under development. Education on fundamental fire science and practical training through experiments are provided in order to nurture skilled protection experts who would make various contributions to mitigate the fire risks in their countries.
•The fiscal year starts on 1st of April and end on 31st of March of each year. The term of study required for graduation is two years. (However, foreign students are able to enroll in graduate school in October and complete course in September.) •Lectures are provided during the evening hours on weekdays at Kagurazaka Campus located in central Tokyo, as convenient to working-students. •Experimental exercises and training are held on Saturdays utilizing dedicated large-scale laboratory facilities in Noda campus.