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Program pamphlet Tokyo University of Science Forum on fire safety in Asia

Greetings from the COE Project-Leader

Welcome to this Center for Fire Science and Technology. Our center started in 1980 and has continued to make research about fire safety.
The Center for Fire Safety Information Based on Sharing of Expertise in Asia has been adopted in a “MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities, 2013-2017” , and aims for fire risk mitigation in Asia. This comes as a result of the high evaluation of the “Center for Education and Research on Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology in East Asia” Global COE Program (2008–2012) and the support framework at the university.
Recently, East Asia in particular has been undergoing rapid urbanization—even faster than Japan experienced in the past—and the occurrence and risk of deaths and serious injuries due to fires and explosions such as those due to combustion of petroleum products in modern urban facilities are greatly increasing. Education and research on fire safety science and technology at our institution must deal with these urgent circumstances while also predicting the changing nature of fire accidents in the future, and must create an innovative education and research system for
preventing such accidents.
This program utilizes the results of advanced research, including those obtained through the activities of the Global COE Program, and pursues research on the following two core themes.


Theme 1 Building and analyzing networks: Fire risk analysis

Theme 2 Analyzing fire risk events


In regard to the first theme, a website “Forum on Fire Safety in Asia” is currently being developed and will be operated with the aim of exchanging fire information between fire researchers in Asia and performing mutual verification of measures against fires. In regard to the second theme, the history of fire accidents in Japan and the processes by which they were overcome will be analyzed and reported with the aim of improving fire safety throughout Asia.

We are confident that the results obtained from this program will make a large contribution to fire safety both domestically and internationally, and particularly in East Asia.

Prof. Yoshiyuki Matubara
Center for Fire Science and Technology

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